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Table Mountain / Signal Hill (Weather permitting)
Bo-Kaap, Cape Malay Quarter and museum
Castle of Good Hope
Company Gardens – home of Parliament Buildings and the history of Jan van Riebeeck
Greenmarket Square

On this half day tour, we will travel through South Africa’s oldest city where we will encounter unique cultures, architecture, historical sites and unforgettable scenery from one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Table Mountain. Upon descending the mountain we will visit the Bo Kaap, previously known as the Cape Malay District, which is renowned for its fascinating cultural diversity, mosques and bright coloured houses.  We will drive past the Castle of Good Hope which is the oldest building in the country constructed in a pentagonal shape. We stroll through the Dutch East India Company Gardens which was originally a vegetable and fruit orchard which supplied the passing ships on their long voyages between Europe and the Spice Islands of the East. Mozy around Greenmarket Square where you will find all sorts of arts, crafts, clothing and curios stalls. It is the oldest public site in Cape Town and was originally used as a slave market and as a market for fruit and vegetables.



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