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Adderley Street Flower Sellers
Wagenaar's Reservoir
Castle of Good Hope
Grand Parade
City Hall & Drill Hall
The Old Mutual Building (Africa’s first “Skyscraper)
The Groote Kerk (Great Church)
Statues of prominent figures
The Slave Tree & Slave Lodge
St Georges Cathedral
The Company Gardens & Government Avenue
South African Natural History Museum
Greenmarket Square

Come and experience the real Cape Town on foot and learn about the history of a settlement started by Gov. Jan van Riebeeck in 1652. We start in the city Centre where the friendly, charming Adderley Street flower sellers bring vibrancy and character to the inner city.  We take you to a 17th century water reservoir, the historic Grand Parade which was originally a military parade ground; visit the Caste of Good Hope (SA’s oldest occupied building), old Drill Hall and the magnificent City Hall where Nelson Mandela made his world famous speech.  Then we walk to the Old Mutual Building, The Groote Kerk (Great Church) and statues of prominent figures where we introduce you to stunning architecture and murals.  We continue to The Slave Lodge where thousands of slaves were kept and then to St Georges Cathedral at the beginning of the Company Gardens where we focus on parliamentary buildings.  We do not enter the SA Natural History Museum but you are always welcome to visit it after the tour.  Our last stop is Green Market Square where typical African art can be purchased.




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